Sunday, August 26, 2012

The research plan - Call to participants

At this time I need  experts that could experiment the device in different kinds of fruit trees.
 The experiment will compare modified trees with normal ones. I expect to start in the next couple of months and collect results over the next 4-5 years.

This experiment will be divided in several locations. Each location will test different species, according to region, climate and preferences. The methods will be uniform, in order to allow all the trees to be part of the same experiment.

The publication in a scientific journal will take place as soon as we have significant results. I expect the publication will bring contacts, besides getting academic recognition and public exposure.


I expect that all of them will grow in a similar way, as my preliminary data show now. Is is also possible that the modified trees might suffer a small delay in growth and production.

The project will fail completely if the modified trees do not produce fruit, or if they break easily during a storm.

Working plan

When the interested parties write their interest to me we will agree on the details: how to run the experiment, which species to plant, blueprint of the presses to be used, measurements to be taken and other issues. The paper will be written and authored by all parties. The publishing costs will be divided among signers.

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