Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Bendable Fruit Tree Project

This blog documents the Bendable Tree Project, started by me in 2012.

Fruit collection can represent 50% of the production costs. I invented a wooden press that is applied on the trunk base of young trees, creating a narrowing that allows easy tree shaking.

Experts so far have said nothing against it. I hope someone will want to participate in the patent-licensing business.

The website for this project is

The website contains most of the established data, while the blog records my daily efforts in making this idea go from project to big business. It might be read by investors or by colleagues interested in how to sell inventions, how to transfer techonology from the design board to the market or how to do creative e-marketing on a new product.

See you here! Sergio Samoilovich - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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